Glitter Tattoos

Bling (Metallic/Flash) Tattoos

Cameleon Time Tattoos

Temorary tattoos are a fantastic complementary add-on to painting or a great alternative when face/body painting just won't work.

Temporary tattoos are water resistant and will last from 2 days up to a month with correct care.

Cameleon Time Tattoos

A temporary alcohol-based ink that is painted on to give a realistic looking tattoo.

Can last up to 7 days with correct care.

Bling Tattoos

Temporary metallic or "flash" tattoos that are water applied and are very striking.

Add an individual "wow factor" to a night out, a wedding, a party....

With correct care they can last for up to a month.

I can also add colour to the bling tattoo with mica powders.

Glitter Tattoos


Bright, colourful tattoos applied with body glue and glitter, either using a stencil or freehand.


Will last for 2 to 7 days.