A tree agate pendant wrapped in copper.


Tree agate helps us attain inner peace and maintain it. It is a wonderful stone for courage, especially for those who sometimes feel powerless, but are ready to stand up for themselves, as it reminds us that we are strong and resilient.


Tree agate is grounding, calming, and stabilising.


Chakra:  Root, Heart, and Crown

Element:  Earth

Zodiac:  Gemini and Scorpio












Kammererite pendant wrapped in sterling silver.


Kammererite is a high vibrational stone that assists in bridging the spiritual and physical, and is an excellent stone for meditation. It clears the auras and chakras, and enhances our intuition. 


Kammererite strengthens mental clarity, inspires logic, encouraging balance, diplomacy, and kindness. It is a highly protective stone that brings peace and harmony.


Chakra:  Heart, Third Eye, Crown

Elements:  Storm and Earth

Zodiac:  Virgo and Pisces